Celebrate mother's day right: Discover why a Vibevice™ Pendant is the best mother's day gift ever ✨


Your mom has been there all of your life, through every hardship and every trial. How can you pick something that can really capture how you feel about her? Like most people, you probably find it overwhelming each year. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can find the best possible present:

  • Think of the classics
  • Remember her tastes
  • Look from the heart

Some gifts are timeless tokens of love. For example, flowers, chocolates and jewelry are the most popular Mother's Day presents.

Once you have the classics in mind, think about her specific tastes. What jewelry does she wear? What are her favorite chocolates? Next, be sentimental and choose something from the heart. This could be an item that you make or a personalized piece. One personalized classic that will come straight from the heart is the VibeVice™ Portrait necklace.


A VibeVice™ necklace looks like a typical piece of jewelry, except it includes a secret image that you can view through the projection crystal, which can also be projected onto nearby surfaces. When you purchase a VibeVice necklace, you upload the photo that you want to be included.

To see the picture, you hold the pendant about an inch away from your eye and look through the center gem. Ensure that the back remains pointed towards the light so that enough light travels through the white diffuser. You can also use your phone's camera. Hold it to the gem so you can see the image on the phone's screen.

If you want to project the photo onto a surface, it takes a little more work. Make sure the room is dark enough first. Then, take your phone's flashlight and place it against the white diffuser. It may take some trial and error to see your projection at first. Start a few inches from the surface and slowly back away until you can see the image in focus.


VibeVice™ necklaces are statement pieces. They sparkle beautifully in the light and can enhance any outfit. Also, the picture they hold inside is what makes them so special. They are a sentimental, thoughtful gift that your mom will love showing off to family and friends.

Here is why a VibeVice™ necklace makes the best Mother's Day gift...


Photos can tell an entire story. One image can bring you back to the time and place that the photo was taken. Think of a wedding photo and how it can ignite excitement and spark the warmth you may have felt on that special day. Many people carry a locket, pictures in their wallets or a special wallpaper on their phone. Photos have been shown to bring people happiness.

The projection necklace allows your mom to carry a special picture around her at all times. Not only is it always close to her heart, but it is something that she can share with others and spark intrigue and conversation. You can upload any picture for the pendant. For Mother's Day, you may want pictures of your family or someone your mother loves.


Every woman has her own personal style. When choosing a projection necklace for your mom, think about the color, metal and style that she loves. The jewelry she normally chooses is a part of her personality.

A necklace with picture inside is unique and VibeVice has a variety of styles available. Choose between sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold. If you aren't sure which one your mother would love, look to her other bracelets and necklaces for inspiration. Does her collection indicate an obvious preference?

In addition to color options, there are a variety of pendant styles. Some styles include:

  • Heart pendants
  • Camera pendants
  • Pillar pendants
  • Celestial pendants
  • Diamond pendants
  • Flower pendants
  • Shape pendants
  • Love pendants

Most of the pendants include sparkling cubic zirconia embellishments. The pieces are eye-catching, even before you show that they can bring pictures to life. If you want real gold or diamonds, you can order those specially.


Have you ever wondered why people love jewelry? Humankind's fascination with jewelry dates back to ancient cultures like Mesopotamia and Egypt. We have adorned ourselves with jewelry ever since. Different cultures, classes, regions and genders all love jewelry.

People rarely buy necklaces intending only to wear them once. When you spend money on a beautiful piece, you normally wear it with various outfits for several types of occasions. When you give your mom a pendant with a personalized picture, you're giving her something she can carry with her for an entire lifetime.


Mother's Day only happens once a year. It's the best time to show the maternal figure how much you love and appreciate her in your life. Whether your mother lives across the ocean or right next door, finding a thoughtful gift tells her exactly how you feel doesn't have to be tricky.

At VibeVice™, we care about people. Moms deserve to open something special on Mother's Day, and what is more special than a necklace with picture inside? When it comes to Mother's Day gifts, the best presents are something from the heart. Contact us today to get your personalized necklace ready in time for the holiday!

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