Custom Scannable Code LED Lamp Album Cover Plaque with Bluetooth Speaker Stand

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Press and hold for 5 seconds to turn on the Bluetooth speaker. When you turn on the Bluetooth speaker, you will see the light of the card slot flashing, and the prompt tone is the Bluetooth is connected successfully.
Turn on Bluetooth of mobile phone and pair with new device.
In the list of available devices, you can see the Bluetooth device with the name of ddfg-x1 as the headset icon.
At this time, the Bluetooth speaker will sound the Bluetooth is connected successfully again, indicating that the mobile phone has successfully connected to the Bluetooth speaker.
Open the phone Music software, click to play music, the light will change with the rhythm, the music will be suspended, the light will also be suspended.
Long press 5 seconds to turn off, and you will hear four beeps, and the light will disappear after flashing.


Product Details

  • High quality transparent acrylic material, good light transmission
  • Square plastic base, removable and easy to install, light up when plugged in
  • The base has bluetooth function, which can be connected with mobile phone and play music
  • Can be used on the desktop, take notes effectively, and beautify the desktop
  • UV printing clear photos and text, bright colors and no fading
  • USB interface, multiple power supply methods, safe and convenient


Design & Care Tips

  • Please tear off the protective film before use
  • The base should avoid exposure to sunlight and humidity


Size Guide

  • Plaque Size: 12 x 17.6cm=4.72 x 6.93in
  • Base Size: 9 x 9 x 4.3cm=3.54 x 3.54 x 1.69in

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