Sunflower Spark ✨

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The VibeVice Projection Bracelets

Are the perfect way of capturing your cherished memories forever by manifesting them through the most unique and exclusive jewelry ever ✨

While most products become obsolete with time... The Sunflower Spark Projection Bracelets will help you keep the scent of your loved ones close to your heart at all times ✨

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Shine a light through the crystal and the bracelet will project a 3D projection of the portrait inside on any surface ✨
We use nanotechnology to print high-quality pictures inside the projection crystal. Please send us high-quality pictures for extraordinary results ✨ 
Just upload your favorite picture ✨ 
Then let us craft your essence into a beautifully designed projection crystal attached to the most exclusive Jewelry ever ✨
Each Bracelet is designed and handcrafted On-Demand by skilled artisans 
Our Projection Jewelry is made with the most precious materials in the industry, completely hypoallergenic and eco-friendly ✨ 
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Due to the high demand, orders may take up to 15 business days to be sent out. We'll send you a notification when your tracking number is available ️‍✨

‎️‍🔥 ‎️‍🔥 Aspire To Inspire Before We Expire ‎️‍🔥 ‎️‍🔥


‎️‍🔥30-Day Money-Back Warranty‎️‍🔥

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Briana Hartmann

Son is away at college so I sent him this bracelet with a picture of the family. He loves it!

Kaia Koelpin

Love it overall, super light, cute and the pic is absolutely awesome! The material is super light and photo projection feature is extraordinary! I loved that its also waterproof and really good quality!

Raymundo Bogan

WOW~ It is amazing!
My son and daughter, they love this stuff, after
I received bracelet, i ordered more.
Thank you for the making this amazing stuff!

Kelley Hayes

It was the perfect memorial of my Bruno (My dog that passed away). Knowing that I have a picture of him with me all day is comforting. Thank you

Ellie Streich

I purchased this photo necklace for my 15 year old grandson for his Birthday who lost his Daddy (my son) from a tragic motor cycle accident in April 26, 2021 and the photo is of my grandson and his Daddy on his 14th birthday. I gave this to my grandson and he loves it so much. He wears it and looks into it a lot and every time he looks into it he has the biggest smile on his face. Will be purchasing another for myself and his other 2 children. This photo means so much to him.

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